My child attends Primary Learning Place at the Boca Raton location. I could not be more confident with the choice I made in a child care center. The teachers are affectionate, as well as knowledgeable. As a single working Father it was important to me that I chose a school that not only prepared my son for Kindergarten academically but also socially. I definetely recommend this school to all my friends, co-workers and neighbors. Thank you for the quality care my childcare has received!

– Bayron Gutierrez

This is an open letter to any parent who is considering enrolling their child in Primary Learning Place for day care, aftercare, camp or their kindergarten/first grade programs.

My son Cole started at PLP at 1 year of age in their daycare program in 2008. He is now 6 years old and enrolled in their 1st grade program. I find the administration, staff and teachers to be very engaged, caring and compassionate and Cole couldn’t be happier. He is currently enrolled in their 1st grade program and is excelling in all subjects. I am very impressed with the education Cole is receiving at Primary Learning Place.

I would highly recommend PLP to any parent who wants the best for their child as well as peace of mind for themselves that their child is in good hands and well taken care of.

– Fonda Gadell

It is with great pleasure that I am able to express my gratitude for what Primary Learning Place has done for my children, family and life. The relationship developed with the school is built on trust, love and most importantly a passion for learning. It all began 5 years ago when my husband and two girls moved to Boca Raton and like any new family those few unknown years can be challenging.

As I look back I can see that in all the difficult decisions that needed to be made at that time such as where to live, where to work and what schools should we enroll our precious little kids in for the very first time, that it was Primary Learning Place that helped to make the decision easiest and the best. They were able to provide a sense of security with classrooms that were equipped with live video surveillance. This made my transition the very first day much easier as I knew I could see how my kids were adjusting to their new home away from home. I watched the video for the first week and from then on there was no longer a need to as I could trust that my girls would be cared for. The family at Primary Learning Place embraced my kids and helped them to be the intelligent, well mannered and loving girls they are today.

It takes an abundance of love to build a child into a strong, confident citizen in today’s world who can deal with all issues of morals and values. Primary Learning Place was able to reinforce the common belief that was in our home of knowing what was right and what was wrong. I appreciate that there is limited tolerance for children who are disrespectful and lacking discipline. Primary Learning Place does not do this by strict rules and regulations but by a staff and teachers who show up every day to smile, laugh, give your kids a hug and tell them what an awesome job they are doing every day. What they do is pure and simple unconditional love and dedication to ensuring that our future little citizens enter the world to make it a better place.

Every parent who makes the decision to send their child to school does this with an expression that their little one will be able to make the most of it. Primary Learning Place definitely gives each child an even playing field. My only regret is that the school ends at Grade 1, as one of my daughters who is now in public school is able to succeed far beyond everyone else in her class because of the solid foundation that Primary Learning Place provides. From the director Nicole and Natalia to the teacher Ms. Diana, everyone works together to show that the value is not just in one person but embedded throughout the school. My daughters can today pick up any book and read no matter how small or large, my daughters can list the Presidents of the United States from beginning to end and my daughters can write a compelling story that will bring you to your knees. The most important thing I can give is my words and even though I say they are my daughters and I am proud of them, it says a lot more that they are students of Primary Learning Place.

– Tanecia Natto